November 7, 2015

IDR 01: A schedule

I was excited to get started this morning. I put together a schedule that I'm going to try to follow:

Schedule for November
  • 7:00 wake up, breakfast, qt
  • 7:45 gym
  • 9:00 shower
  • 9:30 working
  • 12:00 lunch
  • 12:30 working
  • 3:00 break
  • 3:30 working
  • 6:00 dinner
  • 7:30 working
  • 11:00 bed
QT is "Quiet Time", which for me is a daily Bible reading from

I figure I need to exercise or I'll be running out of energy.

That's 10 hours of dissertation research, even more if I take less time for dinner.

And now I'm late for the gym.

IDR Series

1 comment:

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