November 30, 2015

IDR 13: Back to work

The intensive part of my final stretch to dissertation defense is now done. I managed to successfully collect and analyze data, and that data should be enough for a successful defense.

Up next, I'll be writing. I have about 5 chapters to write:

  • Intro
  • Background
  • Tools and Infrastructure
  • Experiments
  • Analysis and Conclusions
I'm writing them in a funny order: Chapter 3, then 2, then 4, then 5, then 1. I'll also be able to pull from material in my dissertation proposal, journal publication, and conference paper drafts. I'm hoping to have this all done by the first week of January, which may be ambitious on a nights-and-weekends schedule.

Thanks to everyone who happened to read and reach out over the past three weeks. I look forward to a successful defense very soon!

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